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This is a small collection of horses we have had. We also have a lot of clients who only want to have pleasure with their horses. Sometimes they only do small classes or just have fun to ride.

„Alcazar” v. Argentan/Wiesenbaum

winner of the championship of the young horses in Warendorf; later the horse participated in the Japanese Olympic team a couple of years ago

„Prinz Charming” v. Prinz Gaylord

sold to the USA; as "Schnaps" very successful in big prices with Margie Goldstein-Engle


several times winner in puissance jumping competitions with Jörg Peper

„Fridericius Rex” v. Florestan /Graf Spe

sold to the USA; when starting for the first time as a hunter in a hunter class, the horse turned to be the winner of it class

„Glenn” von Grande

Glenn was placed two times in 2nd place in national courses on the Hamburger Derby place with Hans-Jürgen Wiebusch; later Glenn was the winner in a 1,30m course with the dressage rider Jan-Andreas Viebrock; afterwards Glenn was very successful in higher tournaments with Andreas Viebrock

„Chagall” v. Chasseur

sold as a colt;3rd place in the Grand Prix of Verden in the year 2001 with Jörg Peper; afterwards the horse was sold to Francois Kasselmann

„Alcamo” v. Alcatraz/Calvados

one of the best amteur horses; winner of several national 1,50 classes and even placed in international classes with Andreas Viebrock

„Werner M.” v. Ile de Bourbon

sold to Mexico; "Werner M" was placed 3rd in the Mexican championships with a Mexican amateur rider

„Lucy” v. Landadel

Very succesful with Lars Nieberg in the World Cup Final in Las Vegas 2005.

„Samara” by Sandro

In the beginning of the year 2005 sold to the USA. The mare is now successful with Ann Kursinski.

„Alicia” v. Armani

the mare participated at the championships for young horses in Warendorf; then we sold her to Mexico; when "Alicia" was 7-years-old she was 2nd in her group of age at the Mexican championships; now she is doing very good with a girl in high jumping competitionsn

„Rulanda” v. Rudelsburg

When the mare was 6 years old she was qualified for the Championship of young horses in Warendorf. In national Competitions first succesful with Hans-Jürgen Wiebusch and now the mare competitions with Lars Nieberg and with Imke Harms. Winner of the German Ladies Championchips in Verden 2005. Later the mare was sold tot he United States where Rulanda is very successful with her rider Carolyn Kelly.

„CAITANO v. Carthago/Landgraf”

The horse was very successful in national classes with Hans-Jürgen Wiebusch and hiss on Harm. In international classes the horse was successful with Ulrich Kirchhoff, for example in Aachen. Then the horse was sold to Japan. The horse then was successful with Taizo Sugitani in Balve or Redefin and finally participated in the World Cup Final in Las Vegas. Meanwhile the horse is sold to Mexico.

„COBOLD v. Chasseur/Zeus”

Cobold is own breeding. The horse was successful in prospect classes and as a 6-year-old the horse participated in the championships of young horses in Warendorf. Afterwards the horse was sold to Ireland. Being 7-years-old, the horse became champion in his class with Clam McMahon in Dublin on the horseshow.


The horse was already successful in jumpoing classes up to 1,40m with Hans-Jürgen Wiebusch . Then the mare was sold to a young lady in Hamburgand also is very successful with her.

Campbell v.Catoki/Laptop

„Campbell“ v.Catoki/Laptop

As a 5yo the horse had been successful in prospect classes and was then sold to a very good amateur rider in South Africa. The horse was the winner of the World Cup qualifications in 2015 and 2016 with Lisa Williams. Campbell ended up in 2nd place in the South African Derby in Kylami in 2016.

Chaccland v. Chacco-Blue/Carthago

„Chaccland“ v. Chacco-Blue/Carthago

After winning the Grand Prix on the show Holstein International, Chaccland was sold to Ukraine. „Chaccland“ under the saddle of Ulrich Kirchhoff helped to win his first Nations Cup in Al Ain for Ukraine in 2014. In 2015 „Chaccland“ under the saddle of Ferenc Szentirmai participated successfully in the European Championships for Ukraine. In 2016 „Chaccland“ was substitute horse for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Call me Hannes v. Cassini II/Lasino

„Call me Hannes“ v. Cassini II/Lasino

As a 4yo successful in prospect classes,then sold to Holger Hetzel and meanwhile very successful in the USA in 1,55m classes, national and international placings and wins.

Catalina v. Cheenook/Schwarzenegger

„Catalina“ v. Cheenook/Schwarzenegger

As a 7yo placed in the final of the World championships of Young horses in Lanaken. Then the mare was sold to Switzerland is successful with a girl.

Campus v. Cartoon/Grand Canyon

„Campus“ v. Cartoon/Grand Canyon

As an 8yo winner in the 1,40 class and then sold to England. Campus under the saddle of Emma Stoker with many national and international placings in 1,50m classes.

Cat Balou v. Converter/Accord

„Cat Balou“ v. Converter/Accord

As 4yo placed in prospect classes and then sold to Canada. Meanwhile Tamie Phillips is successfully showing the mare, many placings in 1,50 m classes, as for example 2nd place in the Grand Prix on HITS Thermal Dersert Horse Park.

Chatroom v. Catoki/Carry

„Chatroom“ v. Catoki/Carry

Placings in classes of his age and style classes with a girl in the USA.

Curtis später Carlton v. Clinton II/San Juan

„Curtis“ später „Carlton“ v. Clinton II/San Juan

As a 6yo successful in prospect classes and then sold to England where the horse was Champion of 7yo horses in Bolesworth under the saddle of Emma Stoker in 2015. Meanwhile the horse is successfully showing in Canada.

Caramia v. Chaccomo/C-Indoctro

„Caramia“ v. Chaccomo/C-Indoctro

As a 5yo successful in prospect classes, then sold to Arizona/USA and always successfully doing in classes of her age group with a woman.

Caitano v. Carthago/Landgraf

„Caitano“ v. Carthago/Landgraf

Successful in national classes of 1,40m with Hans-Jürgen Wiebusch and his son Harm, placings and wins. Placed with Ulrich Kirchhoff in Aachen in the prie of Europe.. Then sold to Japan. Under the saddle of Taizi Sugitani „Caitano“ participated in the World Cup Final in Las Vegas.

Pembroke v. Perigeux/Quick Star

„Pembroke“ v. Perigeux/Quick Star

As a 4yo very talented jumping prospect with wins and placing in prospect classes.Then the horse was sold to England.The horse has many wins and placings with Emma Stoker and in 2015 the horse was 5th in the Young Horse Championships in England.

Miss Moneypenny v. Monte Bellini/Gotspe

„Miss Moneypenny“ v. Monte Bellini/Gotspe

As a 5yo succesful in prospect classes and then sold to England. In 2015 the horse won some 6/7years class and many placings with her rider.