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Horses by Hans-Jürgen Wiebusch

The farm of Hans-Jürgen Wiebusch is located right between Hamburg and Bremen. For 25 years Hans-Jürgen Wiebusch has been selling and buying horses in a small town called Wedel near Stade. Although we live in the middle of the Hanoverian breeding area you will also find horses from all breeding areas in Germany at our place.

Hans-Jürgen Wiebusch himself is an active rider who is participating in horse-shows almost every week-end during the summertime.He shows his horses up to the highest level in jumping-classes.

Two riders who are working for him are also presenting our horses on the shows. For the main part Hans-Jürgen Wiebusch has been buying young and talented horses which he trains in order to sell them. When selling a horse Hans Jürgen Wiebusch attaches importance to the fact that the rider and the horse will match good together. But you will not only see young talented jumping horses on his farm but also experienced jumpers which are already placed in competitions.

And we are also able to show you young talented horses for dressage and as well some horses just for the pleasure to ride. During the years a lot of good horses passed the farm in Wedel. You may read about them in our history.

In case that you need a horse which Hans-Jürgen Wiebusch does not have at home, he will try to find the horse you are looking for.Since Hans-Jürgen Wiebusch gained many years of experience he is in good contact with the breeders and other horse-owners. The indoor riding hall as well as the outside ring make it possible that you can try the horses at any time.

Are you interested in visiting us and in trying some of our horses? We are looking forward to your message. We will try to help you in every respect. -> Contact